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Google is rolling out its new Gmail design to everyone

But you can still go back to the old layout if you prefer.

google gmail icon being shown on circuitry background
Image: Google

If you regularly use Gmail for either work or personal email, get ready for a slight change to the way the platform and your Google apps are laid out. After several months, Google is finally rolling out its new interface to all Gmail users.

The company shared an update in a blog post earlier this week. The post confirmed that the new interface build is now coming to everyone. It began rolling out the new layout to select users last month, and now it’s coming to everyone.

The good news is that if you don’t like the new redesign, you can always customize the look and feel to your liking.

What Google was really looking to accomplish with this update was to bring its apps together under the Gmail roof. Now, users can check out their Gmail as well as Chat, Spaces, and Google Meet all in the same place.

new gmail layout with chat spaces meet
Image: Google

And the company says that this is just the beginning. It also plans on improving the Gmail app on tablets, adding more emoji support, and several other upgrades going forward.

For those that don’t use any of Google’s extra apps, the new design shouldn’t be a problem. All of the apps are neatly placed along the left side of your screen and don’t infringe upon your Gmail app.

But Gmail’s new layout is opt-out. So you can head to the Settings gear > Quick Settings and click on Go back to the original view to get rid of the new layout.

You can also choose which individual apps, like Chat and Meet, will show up in Gmail through the same Quick Settings menu.

For many users, this change will have little to no effect on how they operate within Google. But for those who regularly use Chat, Spaces, or Google Meet, the new layout can add a ton of productivity all under a single web app.

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