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How to block Google Calendar spam invites

Sick of spammy invites? You have options.

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Google Calendar is a great tool for productivity, but it can be plagued by tons of unwanted spam invitations. Fortunately, Google has an answer for that problem that lets you block spam Calendar invites.

Google added a new feature update in July of 2022 that helps you combat spam invitations and appointments that you might start to see.

With this feature, you can choose to only receive invites from trusted contacts, so not just anyone can send you Calendar updates.

The update added a couple of different Calendar settings that you can adjust. You can choose to have all Calendar invites shown or only the ones you’ve accepted. But the main feature is the ability to block spam invitations from unknown contacts.

How to stop spam invites on Google Calendar

Fortunately, Google makes it pretty simple to block spam Calendar invitations. You can handle it all through the settings menu on the Google Calendar website.

In Google Calendar, select the settings icon in the top right google calendar stettings button
Select Event Settings on the left tabgoogle calendar event settings
Change the Add invitations to my calendar dropdown to Only if the sender is knowngoogle calendar known sender option

That’s all there is to it. When you select this setting, your Google Calendar will no longer automatically populate events from unknown senders.

You will still get an email notifying you of the event invitation, but it won’t show up on your calendar until you accept the invite.

Use this setting to stop those spam Calendar invites

This is a great quality of life feature from Google. Gone are the days when you’re calendar gets filled up with spam events from people you don’t even know.

Now, you can make sure that only known and trusted contacts can send you Google Calendar invites directly. It will be interesting to see if the company has any additional plans to combat these spam invites.

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