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Get a “Yo Bitch” from the new Jesse Pinkman app

Still in Jesse Pinkman withdrawal? Luckily for you there’s YB, a new app from Aaron Paul that annoyingly yells “Yo Bitch!”

Aaron paul

For anyone looking for some high-grade verbal abuse, Aaron Paul has the app for you. You know, the guy who played Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, or other notable roles such as “Todd” in the Netflix exclusive Bojack Horseman. Well, it seems that “Yo, bitch!” – his famous catchphrase from Breaking Bad – has crossed over into the app world, unfortunately.

The app is apply titled “YB,” and the description in and of itself is actually quite comical. “Colorful greetings for you and your friends, brought to you by Aaron Paul.” Sounds more like an after school special than it does an app description.

Here’s another snippit from YB’s description hall of fame:

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 1. 34. 09 pm

So as you would imagine, the app allows users to send messages like “hello b**! to other users on the app. To get more messages like “HOW? BTCH,” “NOPE, BTCH!” and “YOU SERIOUS, BTCH!”, you’ll have to upgrade for $0.99.

Don’t even ask me if it’s worth the money to upgrade……

Here’s some of the core features:

• Send and receive messages in Aaron Paul’s voice
• Unlock extra phrases to send.
• Participate in contests with Aaron to win phrase packs.
• Find your friends using your contacts.
• Uses iOS 8 interactive notifications!
• iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ready!

How does this benefit Aaron Paul? Other than collecting whatever profits the game makes, what other value does he gain from this app?

Actors are always complaining of being typecast, but it seems like Aaron Paul is further solidifying his glory days with the release of this app. Either way you look at it, it’s just another celebrity endorsed app that people will still download. Luckily I won’t be one.

H/T The Verge

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