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Get blazed and confused with these Xbox One games

It ain’t nothing but the chronic with these four Xbox One games.

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You know how some people drink beer and how some people don’t know how to have any fun? Well this doesn’t have anything to do with either one of those things, instead we’re here to talk about which Xbox One games are best paired with the stickiest of the ickiest. It’s like pairing white wine and chicken, but you can do this in your boxers and feel ok about it.


If you like MMOs like World of Warcraft and books like Lord of the Rings then you’ll be right at home in the world of Neverwinter. Grind your way through missions while leveling up about a million different things. Neverwinter is a Freemium game, but isn’t “Pay-to-Win.” You can add real money for some really impressive mounts and what not, but it isn’t necessary to enjoy the game.


I recommend pairing this with a nice body high bud, you know the type, the type of smoke that leaves you glued to the couch for 17 hours; which is a good thing because Neverwinter requires you to play it 30 hours a day if you plan on reaching max level before 2016.

FIFA (Any year)

This one requires friends (you do have friends, right?) and an extra controller, but I’m sure you have one of those, especially since you have all this money for weed and junk food. Soccer skills are not necessary in order to enjoy, and there are no random drug tests in video game soccer, so smoke to your heart’s content, you fucking hooligan. Just watch out for that bicycle kick, ya dig?


I recommend pairing this with an upbeat bud, one of those that have you sweeping the kitchen at 3am because it instills in you all of the motivation that a pothead like you could possibly muster. Combine that with FIFA and you’ll be trash talking your friends into the wee hours of the morning.


Hello darkness, my old friend.  There’s a reason people call it “Minecrack.” There’s no need to tell you about Minecraft, you know about it already.  Plan. Build. Repeat.

Pair Minecraft with an intense mind high and create masterpieces. Your little 16-bit Minecraft seed will become the set for your master play, with your character being cast for the main role. The intense mind high you are experiencing will free up those creative juices and have you building structures that, while under the influence, will inspire awe. Your kingdom awaits.

Disclaimer: Once you come down however, you realize that maybe your newly-built house wasn’t quite what you thought it to be.



If being scared is your thing (why?), then give the first person survival-horror game, Outlast, a try.  It’s heavy on the atmosphere, set in your typical insane asylum, and full of jumps and scares that are both predictable and, occasionally, out of nowhere. It’s good fun that is guaranteed to take a few years off your life.

Don’t play this while high and the lights turned off. Just trust me on this one. Trust me.

Or do, I’m not your boss, you cheeky little bastard.

These are just four games out of many that work well while under the influence so sit back, tighten the belt, and mainline these games directly into your veins. Or is that heroin? Idk, I don’t do drugs.

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