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We get a charge off of 1byone’s 2500W Smart Power Strip

Looking for a Smart Power Strip? 1byOne has us (and you) covered!

In this day and age, it seems that we have more devices that are powered by USB than just about anything else. That being said, whenever you have to do something like charge a PlayStation 4 controller, it becomes a frantic search to find a USB cable, an open outlet, and a comfortable place to charge it. Especially if it is right in the middle of a game like Metal Gear Solid V.

As it turns out, 1byone actually has a fairly great solution for this issue in the 1byone 2500W Smart Power Strip.

First Impressions

The first thing you will notice on this strip is that there are some really weird-looking outlets on it. Well, don’t fret, those are universal outlets and we did test a bunch of different US plugs on them with no issue whatsoever. The only issue we found was that with a standard 2-prong plug, it was possible for the plug to tilt a bit. That isn’t a deal breaker at all but just something worth noting.


The real star of the show here really has to be the USB outlets on the side of the power strip. There are 2 types, Super Charging and Universal. I wasn’t completely sold on if there was a difference between the 2, so I grabbed my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and connected it to the different outlets. What I found was that the Super Charging outlets did indeed show up as fast-charging connections whereas the universal were the same as anywhere else in the house. I also tested out PlayStation 4 controllers and the PS Vita, all of which worked wonderfully with the power strip.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the 1byone 2500W Smart Power Strip more than fills its purpose and provides both protection and flexibility to my living room. It’ll be a stable of the room now, sitting near my couch for the immediate charging of controllers and other devices like the kids’ tablets. It’s definitely worth taking a look at! 

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The Good
Solid and fireproof
USB outlets work as advertised
Compact enough to be brought trips
The Bad
Universal outlets can make some plugs tilt
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