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Seniors react to Google Glass with hilarious common sense

What happens when seniors try on Google Glass? Beyond the hilarity of their confusion, their reactions are illuminating.

Elderly Google Glass Funny

Elderly Google Glass Funny

First, let’s get something out of the way. This is not going to be an ageist post. Old people are awesome. We live in an extremely ageist society that worships youth and seems to often forget that seniors have lived through some crazy shit – war, economic depression, a time when the internet didn’t even exist. Things we couldn’t begin to imagine.

Technology itself has advanced beyond our collective imaginations, and at the rate that it’s going, it’s hard for anyone to keep up.

Many seniors seem to have a keen sense for bullshit (that whole “life experience” thing, perhaps), and so their comments about technology are often illuminating – and hilarious. It’s the ubiquity they just don’t grasp.

So, what happens when you introduce Google Glass to a group of seniors?

Before you dive into the video, I collected some quotes:

“…I’m part Robotron.”

“Spaceship 12 calling earth! Spaceship 12 calling earth!” 

“How does this Glass know? How does it know?”

“Kinda weird.”

“Might be a pain in the ass to use it…on the street.”

“[This is] a Dick Tracy communicator.”

“Technology just rolled over me like a big old steamroller.”

Check out their reactions, below:

H/T Huffington Post

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