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Google launches OnHub, a revolutionized router that makes WiFi less complicated

Google wants to make the whole WiFi experience easier so they’re launching a OnHub, a simple WiFi router.

Google wants to simplify your WiFi, so the company is partnering up with TP-Link to launch a whole new router that’s supposed to make the WiFi experience a little less painful.

How many times have you been plagued with slow load times when streaming your favorite TV show, or even worse, having to power-cycle your modem to get it working again. Well, that’s the problem Google is looking to solve with OnHub, a new WiFi router that’s that’s fast, secure, and simple to use.

OnHub Wifi Router

Here’s some key features OnHub has to offer:

  • AC1900 for Wi-Fi speeds up to 1900Mbps.
  • Built with 13 high-powered antennas to provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage in more directions in your home.
  • Supports both 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies, which means fast Wi-Fi for all your devices.
  • Get smooth streaming and speedy downloads thanks to innovative antennas and smart software
  • The companion Google On app makes setup simple and offers help if there are Wi-Fi issues.

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In a recent blog post, Google explains how OnHub connects to your WiFi network while maintaining the fastest speeds:

“During setup, OnHub searches the airwaves and selects the best channel for the fastest connection. A unique antenna design and smart software keep working in the background, automatically adjusting OnHub to avoid interference and keep your network at peak performance.”

onhub app

OnHub even comes with its own app, making it easier for users to set up and manage WiFi connections. You can run network checks, see how much bandwidth a particular device is using, simple password management, and more. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

OnHub will cost $199.99 and will be available in select retail stores in the U.S. and Canada in the next few weeks, however, you can pre-order it on Amazon starting today.

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