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Google to pay woman $2,250 for showing her cleavage in Street View

A court in Canada just awarded a woman $2,250 by Google for showing her cleavage on Google Street View.

Google Peeping Tom

Seems these days Google is throwing their money at just about anyone. However, this case is different. A woman in Montreal took legal proceedings against Google when she noticed a picture of her sitting outside of her house with “part of her breast exposed.”

According to the 17 page court decision, Maria Pia Grillo said that she went through an ordeal of shock and embarrassment when she looked through Google’s Street View feature in 2009 to find a picture of her leaning forward and exposing cleavage.

Here’s the original image followed by a blurred version:

Google Street View Awarded Money for this photoEven though Google blurred out her face in the original image, which was taken by one of Google’s camera-equipped cars, there’s still other factors to identify her.

In the end, the judge ordered Google pay Grillo $2,250 plus interest and an additional $159 in court costs.


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