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GoPro Captures Footage Of Dirtroad Bandits!

GoPro captures video of dirt road bandits. Check out the footage here!

GoPro Robbery

GoPro‘s have been recording some wild footage lately. From cuddling with Lions, Flying in a F18 fighter jet, or rope swinging from a boat. A GoPro can go anywhere, even when you’re getting robbed!

The footage of the alleged robbery was recorded somewhere in South Africa on Monday earlier this week, I don’t think the fine details matter. The moral of the story is that this guy got his bike yanked!

The weirdest part about this whole incident?  The robbers didn’t even take the GoPro. They just took the bike, a set of car keys, and his Oakley sunglasses. Anything but his Oakley’s!

H/T Mashable

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