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Here’s an advanced collection of Nexus 6p cases under $15 each

If you’re one of the luck ones to order a brand new Nexus 6p, you should seriously consider checking out these Nexus 6p cases.

Nexus 6p

If you’re one of the many people who got pre-order a new Nexus 6p, congratulations on picking up one of the most powerful Android smartphones in the world. Google’s new Nexus 6p features a faster processor, double the RAM, a killer camera, a crystal clear screen, and a much more solid construction.

As sturdy as that sounds, however, you might want to consider protecting your new $500 smartphone from drops and falls. And there’s no better way to do that than with one of the five best-selling Nexus 6p cases on Amazon. They’re all stylish and well-reviewed, and they’re also all very affordable, with prices that range from just $9.99 to $18.99.

Here’s five of the highest-rated Nexus 6p cases on Amazon:

SUPCASE Google Nexus 6P Case ($6.99)

SUPCASE Google Nexus 6P Unicorn Beetle...

[button type=”primary” text=”$6.99 on Amazon” url=”” open_new_tab=”true”]

SUPCASE [Heavy Duty] Nexus 6p Belt Clip Holster Case ($12.99)

Nexus 6P Case, SUPCASE [Heavy Duty] Belt...

[button type=”primary” text=”$12.99 on Amazon” url=”” open_new_tab=”true”]

Full Body Protective Hybrid Case Cover for Nexus 6P ($9.99)

Nexus 6P Case, LK [Heavy Duty] Black...

[button type=”primary” text=”$9.99 on Amazon” url=”” open_new_tab=”true”]

Tauri Luxury Wallet Leather Case for Nexus 6P ($9.99)

Nexus 6P Case, Tauri Luxury Wallet...

[button type=”primary” text=”$9.99 on Amazon” url=”” open_new_tab=”true”]

LK Ultra Nexus 6P Case ($7.99)

Nexus 6P Case, LK Ultra [Slim Thin]...

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