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Here’s your first look at Larry Page’s ‘flying car’

We’re one step closer to flying cars, folks.

Google’s founder, Larry Page, is invested in two “flying car” companies, and one of them just released a video showing off its first prototype in action. The company, Kitty Hawk, designed an electric aircraft that flys over water and doesn’t require a pilot’s license to fly it. 

The company plans on releasing a consumer version by the end of the year, but no word on any pricing as of yet. However, according to The Verge, “the company is enticing eager pilots with a $100 three-year membership that offers priority placement on a waiting list, company-branded gear, and exclusive access to a flight simulator and company events. Members will also get a $2,000 discount off the eventual retail price.”

Kitty Hawk plans on selling the device to US customers by the end of the year. The company doesn’t have any plans to sell the “all-electric aircraft” internationally. 

The Verge

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