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Here’s how to get harmful chemicals out of your car

Remove allergens and destroy odors in your vehicle. This purifier usually retails for about $90, but you can get it on sale for 77% off

car air purifier
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Some of the most dangerous chemicals in the world are the ones we breathe in when we sit behind the wheel of a car. Seriously, think about it: If you spend at least 15-20 minutes a day commuting (and many people spend far more than that), you’re consistently surrounding yourself with exhaust, pollution, construction dust, and all other kinds of unsavory particles. Not good, right?

Well, don’t wait until you get sick before you act – make sure the air in your car is clean by getting a Car Plug-In Air Purifier.

You may already have an Air Purifier for your home, but having one in your car can make a big difference. Not only does it zap foul odors and pollutants, but it also filters out irritating allergens like dust and pollen.

No more smells left behind by wet pets, sweaty gym clothes, cigarette-smoking friends, old drive-thru meals, or cars who may have failed their most recent smog test. All you have to do is plug this little filter into your car’s outlet like you would with any phone charger, and you’re set.

This purifier usually retails for about $90, but you can get it on sale for 77% off – that means for just $20 you guarantee yourself a fresher breath every time you head out to work.

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