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Here’s how to use Google Maps to remember where you parked

It’s one of the best hidden features of the navigation app.

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We’ve all parked at the mall and forgotten where our car was. Heck, I sometimes forget where I parked in my apartment’s small lot. Did you know you could get Google Maps to remember which section of that megamall you parked at?

This works for both iOS and Android, and is more accurate that asking Google Assistant to remember your parking spot (although we’ll cover that as well).

Here’s how to get Google Maps to remember where you left your car

If you want to use Google Maps to remember your car’s location, here’s how you do it:

  1. Once you’ve managed to wrestle a parking spot from that lurking minivan, open Google Maps and click on the Blue Dot that is your current location
  2. On the screen that comes up, tap on Save your parking.
  3. You’ll now have a Red pin on your map showing where your car is
  4. Double-check the pin is in the correct location (zoom in if necessary)
  5. You can also tap on the Red pin to add notes, photos (if you want a visual reminder), and other things like how long is left on the parking meter (you’ll get a reminder near the end of the time if so)
  6. Google Maps will also leave a message in your phone’s notification tray that you can tap to locate your parking spot

You can also use Google Assistant to remember your parking spot, but it’s not quite as accurate as Google Maps and you can’t add pictures or notes. It is easier to set up though…

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