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How technology is changing the way the construction industry works

Step into a bright new future for construction – a more efficient industry that’s being transformed by the power of technology.

Four men at a construction job site
Image: Unsplash

Technology is revolutionizing the way we work. Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the construction industry – a sector that traditionally has been slow to adopt tech-led innovations. 

Digitalization offers innovative solutions to the challenges firms are facing. Studies back up this new digital awakening with 80% of UK construction companies now citing digital transformation as a priority. 

The Construction Industry Council states that many construction firms have yet to embrace digital tools, while others are failing to get the best out of technology. 

Things are beginning to change. Project management, construction company owners, site foremen, and other construction workers are embracing the use of 3D models, business information modeling, and virtual reality to improve productivity.

Mobile and digital tools enable project managers and construction workers to manage projects remotely and improve collaborative working with colleagues and clients. 

On almost every construction project, it’s inevitable that problems will occur – but there are digital tools available to flag these snags quickly and efficiently or prevent them from happening in the first place. 

Technology to boost productivity

Construction job site
Image: Unsplash

Digitalization has revolutionized industries across the globe, and the greatest impact has been the use of online tools to boost productivity.

Now it’s the construction industry that’s taking the biggest advantage of digital transformation and the evolution of new technologies emerging at a breakneck pace.

Many experts believe that it is those firms quickest to embrace technology who will emerge strongest in the future. Those companies that embrace digitalization will be at the forefront of the industry. 

Technology is influencing the construction industry in a way it has never done before – and implementing it is quickly becoming a necessity.

Work smart and save time

If you work in the fields of construction, project management or engineering, you will know that efficiency and quality are key to successful projects. 

Snagging, defect management, and quality control apps can make your working life easier. These apps replace paperwork and spreadsheets with a simple, effective digital construction management tool that can save you precious time and money. 

By doing away with mountains of e-mails and paperwork, contractors and project managers agree user-friendly project management software makes all the necessary information available to the right people – clearly, quickly and on any device.

Snagging, defects, and potential issues can be identified easily and digitally. Snagging can be managed, completed, analyzed, and priced efficiently – meaning errors are reduced and projects delivered in a timely and effective manner.  

Essentially, digital tools free up time by allowing people to work smarter, not harder – utilizing mobile technology to change the way we work for the better.

Collaborative working and clear communication

Hyperloop construction

From 3D printing to virtual reality and machine learning, technological advancement enables us to do our work and live our lives better.

A key benefit of the best snagging apps is the ease of use. These enable closer and better collaboration between contracts, project managers, and site foremen – especially useful on large, complex projects with multiple partners and stakeholders.

At any time and from any location, users can issue tickets and assign responsibilities and tasks to specific individuals. This way, they know who’s accountable for each task, and can track and manage the progress of each task.

You can quickly and accurately carry out audits, inspections, and quality checks digitally and on location. We know health and safety is a key issue in the industry so quality data and information is critical to keeping people and projects safe.

Thanks to quality management system software, all collected information is made permanently available, along with the automatically generated inspection reports. 

Digital documentation at your fingertips

Digital technologies are now an integral part of our built environment, shaping and transforming our lives. Users effectively have a built-in, easily accessible digital library at their fingertips. 

These tools allow us to record instructions and action points digitally and easily assign them to the responsible party with a photo, location, and description.

Personal touch and face-to-face contact will always be important, but technology can add value and productivity to construction projects of all shapes and sizes.

Digital snagging, defect management, and quality control software helps construction users across the world to deliver projects efficiently, cost-effectively, and defect-free. 

Step into a bright new future for construction – a more efficient industry that’s being transformed by the power of technology.

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