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How to create a painting app for Android tablets

Painting is a really fun activity, and painting apps are becoming more and more popular. If you want to develop your own, this post can be quite useful.

painting app android

Would you like to learn how to make a drawing app? Android tablet art apps are taking their audiences by storm. While technologies evolve and grow, with the mobile platform even more accessible than ever, and providing great problem-solving platforms for different categories of users, artists are left behind in their search for an award-winning painting app for Android tablet.

As the world becomes more mobile, artists also want to benefit from the opportunity to create new paintings on the go using their portable devices and tablets, in particular. The niche is practically unoccupied, with the exception of some pioneers who feature some large titles, available in Google Play.

For startups, there is a great opportunity to grab their place in the mobile market with an overwhelming art app for Android tablets. To start, you need to assess the scope of your future project and define a list of key features. As a rule, most applications for artists have the same functions and tools. If you want to stand out from the competition, put together some of your own unique options and ideas; alternatively, you can be a bit more mainstream (why fix it if it isn’t broken?) and follow the examples set by some of the most popular painting apps on the market, like Infinite Painter, Autodesk, and others.

Successful Android Painting App Development Approaches

Once again, Android tablets have become the modern trend. Their popularity is growing each day, mainly due to the success of the iconic Samsung Galaxy lineup. At the same time, it would be remiss of us not to mention the Sony Xperia devices that have also made headlines due to their affordable price, great quality, and a range of amazing features that make it possible to get the fullest experience from any drawing app for Android tablet.

With so many applications today, only a handful can really meet the expectations of different artists. Take the time to do your research and determine what your artistic audience really expects from a mobile drawing platform. This article provides some fantastic examples of these types of products. Keep reading to learn more about how to make a tablet drawing app for Android.

1. Make All Artist Tools as Accessible as Possible

If you want to create a drawing app for android tablet that will certainly be successful with users, you need to provide full access to a wide array of painting tools. A selection of brushes is a fundamental option for painters, in spite of their level or qualifications – the wider the choice of brushes, the better for the success of your application. Some apps provide up to 80+ different brush options; you can offer even more to ensure you grab the attention of your target audience.

No one likes limitations, especially when it comes to creative minds. Do not just limit your users to standard brushes; try and provide them with a handy tool to allow them to create their own brushes, as well.No collection will completely meet the expectations of your users, so give them the means to adapt and customize the app with their own creativity and imagination. Try adding a ‘real paper texture’ feature once the brush interacts with the painting surface, allowing every digital painting to take on the characteristics of a real traditional piece!

2. Use Different Approaches

You want to create a versatile painting application that is focused not only on professional painters, but also beginners and novice artists. The selection of drawing tools should include some basic offerings, as well as professional options, allowing you to attract a wider range of potential users.

Always keep in mind that generating high revenues should never be your main priority when getting started. Do not focus on implementing successful monetization strategies over creating an efficient app for artists. Most of the popular painting applications available in Google Play and the App Store are free, so consider this fact when launching your own product amongst the competition.

Once your app gains popularity and recognition, you can extend its list of drawing tools with the help of in-app purchases, turning your app into an extended version, similar to Sketchbook Pro.

3. Extended List of Features

The more great features your app has, the better; however, a complex project can be rather time-consuming and expensive when it comes to the development process. Consider starting with something less demanding when it comes to technology and development. Creating a less complex but more efficient and affordable application may be a stronger marketing strategy.

Your application may cost less than $2 on the app market, but success will come from the fundamental options within your app that will let users cope with some basic painting tasks. These may include:

  • A list of preset brushes;
  • A selection of different layers;
  • Different filters to choose from; and,
  • A Photoshop export function.

These approaches show the importance of understanding your audience. So, when you start out, the first thing you should do is define the main purpose of your app. Create your buying persona and understand what problems your application will solve. Will your audience base be professional artists or rookies? What functions will be included? How are you going to monetize your app now, or in the long-term?

You will need to answer each of these questions before launching the development process or hiring a developer. Selecting from a pool of experts for the project is another vital stage that can also affect the cost of developing the app. Choices include in-house companies or freelancers, with a lot to compare. is a great choice, taking into account their vast experience developing native apps. Add them to your list when looking for a professional team to hire.

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