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Infect the world with hungry zombies in Infectonator 3: Apocalypse

Navigate your swarm of zombies in an effort to take over the world.

infectonator 3 apocalypse
Image: Steam

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Games like Pandemic and Plague, Inc offer an interesting gaming concept – how quickly can you spread a virus to destroy the entire human race. Infectonator 3: Apocalypse definitely takes some inspiration from these titles, but with a much more hands-on approach. I had the chance to try the game out this year at PAX East.

With this title, your goal is to also infect the world, but through the use of zombies. Instead of simply choosing virus start points and other features to help the virus spread, I3:A puts you at the ground level, distributing zombies and transmittable zombie viruses to infect a certain location. As you take over more areas, you will unlock new zombies, perks, and weaponized viruses to make the job more effective in your world conquest.

As the humans get infected, they will drop coins to help you improve your zombie horde through the use of research in multiple areas. Speed them up, make them more resilient, increase their bite strength, the list goes on. You can also spend your hard earned money in the laboratory to create new and improved zombies to dispatch on your unsuspecting victims. Certain areas will unlock specialized zombies and players will be able to craft bombs and other explosives to blow up walls and obstacles in particular play areas to make your zombie takeover as efficient as possible.

The game’s 8-bit style works perfectly with the game and the music and sound effects are right where they need to be for this type of title.

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse is set to release on Steam.

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