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Instagram adds new ‘superzoom’ feature

Lemme see those nose hairs!

instagram superzoom
Image: Instagram

Since Instagram’s ‘Boomerang’ feature came out a while ago, it has been the new normal. The company just launched a new video format today, for Stories, called ‘Superzoom.’ This feature allows you to zoom-in with different filters and effects. This was created Instagram users who want to make a dramatic Story, and ‘Superzoom’ is perfect to add flair.

How to use Superzoom:

  • Start a new story
  • Swipe to the ‘Superzoom’ option
  • Hold to record
  • Add desired filters and effects
  • Post for the world to see your masterpiece


To make the Halloween season a bit spookier, Instagram has also added stickers and 5 face filters. With things ranging from zombie faces to a creepy Silent Hill backdrop, you’re followers will be excited to check your Story to see what you’ve created.


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