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Instagram is now starting to blur ‘sensitive’ content before you can see it

Instagram has a problem with content that doesn’t violate their guidelines. Now, Instagram will begin blurring ‘sensitive’ posts before you can view them.

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Image: Instagram

Instagram is a helluva social platform, but at times, it can get a little sketchy. How many times have you been in a public setting and scroll past a picture of something that quite frankly embarrassed or made you feel like some sort of creep?

Well, it happens, but thankfully, Instagram is pushing out an update that blurs sensitive posts before you can view them.

The Verge writes, “starting soon, the app will begin blurring out photos and videos that contain “sensitive” content. If someone reports a post and Instagram’s moderation team agrees that it’s “sensitive,” the image will appear blurred out and with a warning on top of it reading: “This photo contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing.” You’ll have to tap a button before seeing the post.”

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So what exactly is sensitive content in the eyes of Instagram? To be honest, that’s not really clear. The company states anything that doesn’t violate their guidelines, but something the company sees as problematic.

Essentially, the whole idea of this blurring feature is to build a safe environment for users.

Instagram didn’t provide a timeline when users could expect to start seeing these blurred images, but we’re guessing it will be rolled out sometime soon.

The Verge

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