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The Ivy Smarter Kit LED Lighting Kit is your ticket into the world of smart lights

Introduce yourself to the world of connected lighting with the Ivy Smarter Kit from Nanoleaf.

Ivy Smarter Kit

If you haven’t jumped into the world of smart bulbs, then a good place to start is with the Ivy Smarter Kit LED Lighting Kit by Nanoleaf. If you’re an iPhone user, the kit is compatible with Apple HomeKit, meaning the lights can be activated and controlled by using Siri voice commands. Additionally, the lights can also be managed from the app on your smartphone, or tablet.

On top of HomeKit and the rest of the Nanoleaf range, the Ivy Smarter Kit is also compatible with third party smart bulbs. Because the firmware for this system can be easily updated, the Ivy Smarter Kit can remain in your home forever without worry of upgrading the hardware. Totally energy efficient, the Ivy Smarter Kit features smart LED light bulbs to save you money on your energy bill and help the environment.

Here’s the key features: 

  • Use Siri voice commands to control your lights (“hey Siri, turn on my lights…”)
  • Compatible with third party smart bulbs and all Nanoleaf Smarter Series products
  • Future proof: the Nanoleaf Smart Hub supports firmware updates enabling it to keep up with the latest in both Apple and Google home automation standards
  • Unparalleled efficiency: Nanoleaf Smart Ivy LED light bulbs are the world’s most energy efficient smart bulbs
  • Requires iOS9: Android support coming summer, 2016

► Ivy Smarter Kit LED Lighting Kit by Nanoleaf

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