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Go ahead. Laugh at the new Kim Kardashian game.

The human desire for low-level intellectual distraction is insatiable. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood fills this need, robustly.

Kim Kardashian Game 1

Kim Kardashian Game 1

The thought of having to write about something like this makes me want to dive into a trash bag of blood and hair – and yet, I’m doing it. For you, dear readers. So you may be informed of this awfulness and potentially derive humour from it.

The game is “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” and it was recently released for iOS. (All you Android fans, you’ve been spared.) The premise of the game is that you’re a nobody (like Kim), and you build up your clout by dating other celebrities and going out to the clubs of  Los Angeles.

Kim K Kim Kardashian Game 3

Ah, we could be doing so much more  – individually, collectively – tackling climate change, discrimination, economic inequality…where do I start? The human desire for low-level intellectual distraction is insatiable.

If you want to see for yourself how sad this game is, check out this poor soul who played it for more than an hour. He is, undoubtedly, traumatized for life – and that is an hour of his life he can never get back. You’ve been warned.

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