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Kill or be killed in Murderous Pursuits

Pay attention, your life is on the line!

Murderous Pursuits takes place on a Victorian-era ship with a cyberpunk twist. As soon as you board the floating boat, you are handed a list of people. What do you do with this list? Kill the people on it before they kill you, and leave no witnesses. What will you be rewarded with? The ship’s host, Mr. X, has a mysterious “party favor” waiting for you at the end. Play with other gamers around the world, or practice your stealth skills against the computer. If you have a gaming group, you can play with up to 8 players.

As you wander around the ship looking to complete your tasks (murders), you can blend in with the environment or fit in with the crowd. You can also take part in activities with NPCs to distract others, like talking about art or banking policies. Fitting in with the crowd includes donning disguises, which there are plenty of! Murderous Pursuits is all about murder, so of course, there are dozens of weapons to chose from. Would you rather “wack” your target with a sword, or brass knuckles?

One thing that I thought was unique was the scoring system. Instead of players focusing on their kill counts, there are also “favors” to consider. Each kill is ranked on a scoring system, which breaks down how you killed your target, what weapon did you use, if there were any witnesses and more. It’s a great way to keep gameplay unique.

Murderous Pursuits‘ art style reminds me of we saw in the Bioshock series, which is one of my favorite art styles. Walk aboard the ship and murder your way across different maps, characters, and NPCs. If you are interested in taking a stab at Murderous Pursuits, check out the trailer above. The game will be available later this month.

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