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Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas? Bluetti has you covered

woman sitting in van working on a laptop powered by the Bluetti eb55 power station
Image: Bluetti

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When it comes to securing the future of her family, a mother gives everything. Flowers are fine for Mother’s Day and chocolates can never go wrong.

When it comes to showing your love and appreciation, though, you can’t go wrong with something a bit more special. Here’s BLUETTI’s list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day that are sure to make her smile from ear to ear.

AC300+B300 Combo- An Expandable Power Center 

bluetti mother's day gift ideas
Image: Bluetti

(Original price $3,798, sale price $3,499)

If Whether she enjoys outdoor RV trips or camping, this combo is sure to be a hit. With a reliable power source, mom can enjoy a relaxing trip.

While the AC300 has no built-in battery, it is 100% modular and can be connected with up to 4 B300 battery packs for a total of 12,288Wh. The 3000W Pure Sine AC inverter is designed for running high-load devices.

BLUETTI Fusion Box Pro can pair 2 of these units together and boost the power to a massive 24,576Wh / 6000W / 24V. The device will provide all the electricity she needs along the way, so she doesn’t have to worry. 

EP500/EP500Pro-The New Era of Home Power Backup   


(Original price $4,599, sale price $4,399; EP500Pro-original price $5,999, sale price $4,999)  

According to Power Outage US, utility customers experienced 1.33 billion outage hours in 2020, up 73% from roughly 770 million in 2019. If trends continue, it doesn’t look much brighter for 2022.

Mom is the one who does the bulk of the housework at home. Power outages, however, can drive her crazy. In choosing a residential emergency power supply, the EP500/EP500 Pro solar generator should be at the top of the list, without a doubt.

With Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, remote control, monitoring, and firmware updates can be accomplished using only a smartphone! Take care of mom without worrying about power outages.

AC200MAX-Versatile Power Monster

bluetti ac200
Image: Bluetti

(Original price $1,999, sale price $1,899)

A family gathering in the backyard on Mother’s Day is a nice way to get the family together. By using an AC200MAX instead of a bunch of tangled cables, happy hour with mom last longer.

One of the most popular models in the BLUETTI Store is the AC200MAX. It comes with 16 outputs so you can run multiple devices simultaneously.

A LifePO4 battery has a lifecycle of 3500+ cycles to 80% of its original capacity. With its maximum 1400W input rate, it can be recharged in 7 different ways and be fully charged in 2 hours.

EB70S-Pack Lighter, Travel Further   

bluetti eb70s
Image: Bluetti

(Original price $599, sale price $549)  

Its portability makes this device highly competitive in the market and will surprise her at first glance.

As well as being ultralight, the handle is ergonomically designed to make moving from one place to another easier for her.

If the sun shines through, connect BLUETTI solar panels PV120 or PV200 to make it a remarkable source of green energy. A great gift idea for mom.

mother's day bluetti
Image: Bluetti

BLUETTI will launch a #BLUETTIwithMom campaign on Mother’s Day. Invite members of your family on Instagram to share photos and the sweetest moment/story with their mom. Entries could land you a chance to win a free BLUETTI power station. Follow BLUETTI Official on Instagram to learn more. 


With over ten years of experience in the energy storage industry, BLUETTI is committed to building the world’s best power stations for van dwellers, explorers, and off-grid life. For more information, please visit https://www.bluettipower.com/

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