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Love ASMR? There’s currently an audio-only convention taking place

Workshops, Q&A sessions, and more will be available.

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Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) has recently seen a huge influx in interest. It seemed like there for a while you couldn’t go on YouTube or Twitch without seeing someone leaning close to their mic and tapping their nails on it.

Some of that hype has since died down, but for people that enjoy experiencing ASMR and want to connect with others, there’s a current audio-only convention taking place, called ASMRCon. The event is being put on by Spoon, an audio livestreaming platform, and will be going on today, November 12th through the 13th.

During the audio convention, people that tune in will be able to meet ASMR creators, attend audio workshops, and swing into Q&A sessions. There will also be a place users can navigate to that just provides a constant stream of ASMR sessions, meditations, and more.

asmrcon by spoon
Image: Spoon

In the announcement, Spoon believes that by being audio-forward, people will be more willing to take part in things like this, as there is no social pressure that comes with visual queues.

If you are interested in attending, simply head over to the website, reserve your spot, and download the Spoon app (Android and iOS).

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