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Meerkat launches a new feature that makes it easier to follow other users

Meerkat makes it easier to follow users via the Web

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Meerkat, the popular live video streaming app that’s been making a serious splash in the past couple of weeks added a new feature that helps users follow other accounts via the web, making it super easy to follow people you’re not already following on Twitter.

To share your profile with other users on Meerkat, all you have to is enter the domain followed by your username. For example, To follow someone, you just simply tap on the “follow” button and you’re good to go. It’s that easy.

Meerkat App

If you’re pimping out your profile, you can also share your link throughout all of your social media profiles. Going forward, anytime you or someone you’re following goes live, you’ll get a notification from the app on your phone.

This is certainly a big step in Meerkat’s future, since they’re trying to cut off their dependency off Twitter. With the announcement of this new feature, the app surely has a bright future in growing its user base.

UPDATE: Meerkat just tweeted out another new feature they just recently added, giving users the ability to follow accounts on “streams over” pages.


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