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Microsoft wants to throw you money to buy a new Windows 10 machine

No one likes to sell their old PC. It’s too much work. That’s why Microsoft wants to give you some money for it. You just have to buy a new Windows 10 machine.

In the market for a new laptop? Microsoft has a pretty sweet deal going on to get you to switch to a new Windows 10 machine.

Here it is: Buy any qualifying computer over $599 from the Microsoft Store before October 20th, and the company will give you a $200 rebate when you send back your old Windows laptop, $300 if you send in a Mac.

The program, called Easy Trade Up, has some conditions regarding your trade in. The laptop has to be under six years old, with a minimum screen size of 11.6 inches, and oh yea, it obviously has to be in working condition.

In most cases, old laptops get stuffed away in some closet and never see the light of day again. At least with this program, you can get something good out of it. To learn more, click here.

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