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Mixcder touch swipe control Bluetooth headphones review – quality sound from an unlikely source

Don’t get suckered into spending over $20 on a pair of Beats headphones. Instead, get these from Mixcder and you’ll be surprisingly impressed, not to mention your wallet.

Mixcder headphones bluetooth
Image: Amazon

I can’t tell you how many of my friends own a pair of Beats headphones. They’re cool, hip, “with it.” My only problem with them is that they’re somewhere in the ball park of $200. So out of curiosity one day I asked a friend if I could give his pair a try. After a couple of minutes wth them, I was shocked. I was shocked that someone would actually pay $200 for this.

Now hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m not shaming Beats owners or anything – but in a sense, they kind of got “got.”

This is, unfortunately, the pure result of capitalism at its best. You have a world-famous rapper and one of the most successful companies in American history, which equals to a pair of headphones that cost $10 to make, but sells at a retail price of $200. Something is wrong with this picture.

Well hey, I’m here to tell you that there’s an extremely affordable option out there that’s not going to cost you  2-weeks worth of groceries. And I’m not talking about some cheap knock-offs you find in some barber shop. Meet the Mixcder touch swipe control Bluetooth headphones.

First Impressions

mixcder headphones

So, right out of the box I knew these headphones weren’t messing around. The device’s design is simple, and minimalistic –nothing flashy. That for me is huge because the last thing I want is a pair of headphones that look like some novelty item. So when it comes these, I definitely wouldn’t be embarrassed to rock these things in front of my friends who own Beats.

They don’t feel cheap in my hands either, they have some weight to them, but nothing out of hand. The touch-swipe controls look cool, but honestly, I can’t find myself using them because I think it’s easier to choose something from your phone as opposed to something I have to fumble around for.


Mixcder Bluetooth headphones

I’m not going to lie, these headphones sound amazing. I wasn’t expecting it, but when I turned on some tunes, the bass dropped at the perfect time punching me straight in the face with a rush of sound. I remember my initial reaction – my eyes literally opened up wide – and thinking to myself “holy shit, these things kick some fucking ass!”

The lows, mids, and highs all come through crystal clear. The bass isn’t too overpowering, but it’s perfect. I’m someone who listens to a lot of heavy metal music, so having the bass all the way turned up isn’t the ideal situation, especially when you have a drummers who constantly play double-bass drums.

However, when it comes to audio reviews, I’m no audiophile or anything, but it doesn’t take a genius to know when a pair of headphones sound great or not. And especially keeping the price point in mind, not too shabby.


As I mentioned earlier, I’m not one who likes to use the touch-swipe controls, on any headphones for that matter, but for the purpose of this review I gave it a try and it worked just fine. My only gripe with it is that it’s kind of difficult to swipe your headphones, especially if you’re in the middle of doing something. But I guess the same could be said with a smartphone. Personally, it’s not for me, but it worked overtime with these.

mixcder headphones

The bluetooth range on these headphones are pretty decent. I can get about halfway through my house before it loses its connection, but in a straight line of sight, it gets pretty far.

Out of all the things that impressed me, other than the devices sound, is its battery life. Seriously, it’s amazing. The headphones are advertised of lasting 18-hours a day, that’s including standby. So I put it to the test and discovered this fact is true. That alone is a huge value because at the end of the day, no one wants to keep charging their headphones on a daily basis.

Final Verdict

I’m going to say this confidently: these headphones from Mixcder is one of the best value I’ve seen when it comes to a premium headphones. Seriously, if you’re in the market for Beats headphones, try these first and I can promise that Beats will become nothing more than an after thought.

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting the results these headphones offered, but hey, I’m not complaining. And again, at its price, this is a steal. [letsreview postid=”45260″]

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