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Bandai Namco releases new IP teaser with the tagline Prepare To Dine

Demons and Vampires and dat art style, dear God.

I have no idea what the fuck this is, but it looks amazing. It’s like a creepy hand drawn delusional child’s nightmare filled with vampires and demons and I don’t even care I need it in my life like yesterday.

Namco is promoting it with #PrepareToDine which is obviously a play on Dark Souls’ iconic tagline – Prepare to Die, so what exactly is this new project? As of this trailer, there’s not any sort of development studio or anything attached to it, just a cool ass teaser with Namco’s name all over it. Will be this be a progression in the Souls line since Dark Souls 3 was proclaimed to be the final installment of Dark Souls? We definitely know it won’t be Bloodborne 2 since From Software’s gothic tale is a Sony franchise, despite what the comments on the video might be guessing.

We don’t know if this is even the art style the game itself will be aiming for, but it’s absolutely captivating and I can’t wait to see what happens. Keep and eye on #PrepareToDine on your social media and hopefully, we’ll see more news about this ambitious looking project soon.


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