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New cannabis technology breeds legal Delta-8 THC oil

As the technology behind this process includes, perhaps products with Delta-8 THC will become available in the near future.


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Cannabis plants have over 100 verified cannabinoids inside of them. Cannabinoids are the natural chemical compounds of cannabis plants that give people certain benefits, such as relaxation and stress relief. CBD and THC are the two most popular cannabinoids. The former is legal while the latter is illegal. But what about Delta-8 THC?

If you were to mention the term “Delta-8 THC” to the average person, the chances are that they wouldn’t even know what Delta-8 THC is. They would probably just assume you are talking about ordinary THC. However, the difference is that Delta-8 THC has less powerful psychoactive effects on the user in comparison to THC. But they both come from the same cannabis plant. 

Delta-8 THC is another type of cannabinoid that is similar to regular THC, which is technically called Delta-9 THC. The law prohibits the sale or consumption of any cannabis product with Delta-9 THC because it is the cannabinoid that causes highly psychoactive effects.

Delta-8 THC, on the other hand, causes a low level of psychoactive effects. It will still make you high, but not at the level of disorientation or euphoria as with Delta-9 THC. That is the reason why it is legal. 

You can make Delta-8 THC from any strain of cannabis, including the Gorilla Glue Strain. If you know the particular health benefits of the strain, then it will be felt in the Delta-8 THC as it is vaped and consumed, as mentioned on Observer.com.

New Technology

There are very small amounts of Delta-8 THC found in cannabis plants in comparison to Delta-9 THC. For this reason, it has been so hard to mass-produce up until this point. But now, special distillation technology is used to produce large quantities of Delta-8 THC and turn them into oils and other cannabis products.

When the technology extracts the cannabinoid from the plant, it is Delta-8 THC distillate. The distillate appears as a thick translucent liquid, which doesn’t look much different than CBD distillate. The difference, however, is in the effect it has on the person. CBD distillate doesn’t provide any psychoactive effects as Delta-8 THC distillate does. 

The cannabis plants are put through a series of three steps to produce the Delta-8 THC. They are as follows:

1) Extraction

The process begins with the extraction of the Delta-8 THC from the cannabis plant. The short path distillation technique is used in this case. The cannabis compounds start out in one flask and exposed to hot temperatures and alcohol. Meanwhile, a vacuum pulls vapors from the mixture into a condensing tube. Then you leave the vapors for about three hours. 

Alternatively, you can extract Delta-8 THC from CBD oil directly. You might find it easier to od it that way because you don’t need to deal with the cannabis plant directly. If you add glacial acetic acid to CBD and mix them together, it should convert the CBD into 2% Delta-8 THC after three hours. But if you wait three days, the delta-8 THC will go up to 54% as the delta-9 THC decreases to 15%. 

2) Winterization

When cannabinoids or any other compounds are extracted from a cannabis plant, there are usually unwanted elements included with them. Some of which might include lipids, fats, and waxes. They are not necessarily harmful to a person, but they make the final product taste awful.

To remove these unwanted elements from the Delta-8 THC extract, the cannabinoid is put through a winterization process. It is called “winterization” because the extract is exposed to cold temperatures and a special solvent to separate the good elements from the bad elements. 

3) Decarboxylation

If you tried to consume raw cannabis for its euphoric or psychoactive effects, then you wouldn’t get very far. A person cannot become intoxicated from the cannabinoids of the plant unless they are put through a decarboxylation process first. During this process, it forces carbon dioxide to be released from the cannabinoid. Then it will give the user the high they want. 


You can find Delta-8 THC oil for sale at most legal CBD and recreational marijuana stores. As the technology behind this process includes, perhaps products with Delta-8 THC will become available in the near future. But the oil alone can still be consumed orally for its small amount of psychoactive effects. Consult with a doctor if you have any questions about that. 

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