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NFTs and blockchain-driven features in video games

Blockchain can empower exciting gaming worlds, drive play-to-earn ecosystems, support decentralized marketplaces, and beyond.

A person is dancing to the music at a concert, enjoying the experience of the nft ai and blockchain.

Game developers know that blockchain technology has the power to redefine the gaming space.

From driving new play-to-earn ecosystems to supporting decentralized marketplaces and more, blockchain promises to empower a new and exciting world of gaming.

However, developers also know that bringing blockchain into gaming involves overcoming a number of hurdles.

That is why double — one of the world’s leading pioneers in the blockchain gaming space — is now providing services that streamline the development of blockchain ecosystems.

For years, double has been hailed as the premier blockchain gaming Japanese startup.

In 2018, the company released “My Crypto Heroes,” an online role-playing game built on the Ethereum blockchain that would become one of the world’s largest blockchain games.

Double jump tokyo blockchain game
Image: double jump tokyo

The game’s popularity sent it to the top of the ETH transaction volume chart in 2020.“My Crypto Heroes” quickly became a model for developing an effective blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Providing double with the opportunity to assist a number of large-scale enterprises with successfully incorporating blockchain solutions into their gaming environments.

Those companies include Sega, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and other giants in the gaming world.

NFTPlus and N-Suite — the two services now available from double — draw upon the expertise learned from “My Crypto Heroes” and other blockchain initiatives.

They make double’s expertise available to other developers, speeding up the development process and increasing the likelihood of success.

“Our organization is focused on facilitating the mainstream adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other blockchain tools by the gaming world,” says Hironobu Ueno, CEO and Founder of double

“We have developed expertise, technology, and tools. Now, we are making it available for other creators to assist them in building blockchain-based environments that are fun and rewarding to engage with.”

Top challenges to blockchain integration

Blockchain sphere in a blue color
Image: Unsplash

Technical complexity is the top challenge associated with integrating NFTs and blockchain-driven features into video games. Blockchain involves a number of new and innovative components, many of which are still evolving.

Developing systems that are secure and reliable requires understanding the inner workings of smart contracts, cryptography, decentralized protocols, and other blockchain tech.

Scalability is another challenge that blockchain developers must overcome since the transaction and processing speeds on blockchain networks have limitations.

With public networks, those limitations can be severe, meaning that in order to support a growing user base, developers must ensure that the ecosystem can support a high level of activity.

Gas fees are a related consideration that can limit the scalability of blockchain gaming. Once a suitable infrastructure is developed, design becomes the next hurdle.

Blockchain is still a fringe technology, meaning that the majority of those in the gaming community are new to it. To ensure long-term involvement, the user experience must be smooth and intuitive.

Developers also must understand how to integrate blockchain-driven features in a way that enhances gameplay. If the end result is too complex or involves too many interruptions, most players will reject blockchain as too cumbersome.

Even after launching a successful project, developers still must be alert to the ongoing need for security monitoring. While blockchain provides a very secure framework, it is not immune to attacks.

Companies that cannot secure data and digital assets within their ecosystem will struggle to attract users. 

Each of these factors points to the importance of having skilled and experienced developers to guide organizations through the process of developing and deploying blockchain projects.

However, such developers are in high demand and difficult to secure. Those who cannot get access to those guides can now turn to double’s new services.

Solutions for enterprise blockchain projects

Blockchain video game
Image: Double Jump Tokyo

The NFTPlus service provided by double offers solutions for both blockchain-based collectibles and gaming.

Companies developing gaming ecosystems will find assistance incorporating NFTs and other blockchain technology into their projects.

Companies creating and selling NFTs as collectibles will find an end-to-end solution in NFTPlus. It allows companies to draw from double’s expertise in formulating an NFT project’s strategy, product design, UX design, and development.

N-Suite is a platform that provides a set of digital tools designed to assist organizations with NFT management, including the streamlining of NFT issuance, crypto asset transfer, and smart contract deployment.

N-Suite’s dashboard — known as N Board — is a management board that provides a workflow function for sharing and managing the private key signatures that support blockchain transactions.

Developers can use it to define who is authorized to execute transactions.

N-Suite also includes a keyless wallet, which can be used for the authentication of NFT issuing operations, and a cloud key system, which allows for private keys to be securely stored in the cloud.

N-Suite brings all of these components together to minimize the risk of inefficient workflows and hacking. 

“Companies that want to successfully develop blockchain games or integrate blockchain elements need more than just gaming expertise,” explains Ueno.

“It requires a deep understanding of all of the components. ‘My Crypto Heroes’ was successful because we utilized the capabilities of an international team with expertise in gaming, blockchain, cryptocurrency, engineering, marketing, and finance.”

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