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Nike wants to help you put your shoes on quicker

Nike has sole.

Source: USPTO

From exercise sensors to 3D-printed soles, Nike has always been an innovator when it comes to shoe development. The company’s next invention doesn’t improve shoes but instead makes it easier for someone to put those shoes on. 

In an application recently published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Nike reveals a “rotatable conveyor element” for the sole of shoes. According to the listing, the concept includes an “insole, an upper configured to form a space between the upper and the insole,” which is “configured to admit and secure a foot of a wearer.” Hereafter, there’s a conveyer belt “configured to rotatably engage a body part of the wearer as the foot enters the space and draw the foot into the space.”

Sounds a little bit strange, no?

Just because Nike has applied for this patent, doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing escalators for our feet anytime soon. In fact, just like other patent applications filed each year, this would-be product may never see the light of day. Nevertheless, it does suggest Nike thinks of itself as much more than an exercise company. After all, the “rotatable conveyor element” would be most helpful to older customers looking for shoes with more convenience and mobility.

U.S. Patent Application US2018/0116334 was published on May 3, 2018, with Christopher Andon and Timothy P. Hopkins listed as the co-inventors.

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