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Panasonic wants to make manual labor a whole lot easier with exoskeletons

Utilizing robot technology, Panasonic will support everyone from the elderly to workers.


Utilizing robot technology, Panasonic will support everyone from the elderly to workers.

Let’s face it, manual labor sucks, but unfortunately someone’s gotta do it. Luckily, Panasonic is working on  technology that will make things a whole lot easier.

The company recently released a video showcasing a variety of exoskeletons and service robots they have been working on. From what I can tell, Panasonic envisions a future where bionic’s becomes a part of our daily lives.

Here’s how Engadget describes some of the suits in the video:

The Assist Suit (shown above) and Ninja respectively boost your lower back and legs, helping you lift heavy warehouse boxes or climb steep mountains. The Power Loader (directly inspired by Aliens), meanwhile, should help during construction work and disasters.

The Self-Reliance Support Robot helps the elderly move from bed to other tasks, like going to the restroom. Resyone, meanwhile, transforms from a bed into a reclining wheelchair.


Image: Engadget

Now if you’re working in a warehouse or laying brick somewhere, it’s probably safe to assume that your boss is going to pay the money for one of these bad boys. That and being able to get your hands on of these too is going be an issue. Either way, it’s fun to see how the workplace of tomorrow is going to be transformed.

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