Art filter app Prisma launches its own social network and full-resolution pictures

Prisma to release their own social network, will offer some innovative twists to the traditional social media experience.

Prisma is a pretty amazing photo app. It can turn almost any picture into a work of art through the use of some sophisticated neural networks and deep learning. The app has been a huge hit and allows users to apply filters and share them on social networks.

It was the guaranteed, safe route that almost all photo filter apps use, but Prisma now wants to expand their service by becoming its own social media network. Prisma’s idea of a social network is pretty innovative, however, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Starting your own social space is no easy task, but hopefully the company will be able to put all the pieces together.

From Prisma’s press release, “A shared artwork can only be seen by people nearby. Every like spreads the post further, increasing its range of appearing on people’s feed. Theoretically, a user can post a picture, get likes and watch his or her post spread and cover the whole world.”

In addition to their interesting take on virality, users will also be able to follow others, see the most recent photos taken, and check out locations with just a couple taps.

This update also includes higher resolution photos and updates to the iOS version of the app.


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