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Entertainment is literally the best website you’ll visit today

Ok, this is dope. screenshot
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It’s summer, the bbq hasn’t stopped smoking since last month and the heatwave is making us rethink our choices in life but it’s all good. Drop by a place on the internet where global warming is still a myth, it’s called, and it’s like the ’80s never ended. I mean really never ended, not just the last time Kevin changed his hairstyle…

The ’80s computer desktop was a simpler place. Skinny lines, just enough UI to let you work, and all the glorious colors you could want (as long as they came in shades of white or black). Go back to that happy place with the OS X inspired, where you can listen to pumping tunes, watch videos and even buy merchandise, all in glorious 8-bit. is what it’s all about this summer

Seriously, just go visit it. Well, not right now as the Soundcloud API serving the audio goodness crashed due to the heatwave, but give it a few to cool down and it’ll be back up and running.

There are multiple stations on the audio player, you can change the theme if you hate pink, and maybe go buy a t-shirt to support the designers.

Well, did you try it? Amazing, right? Have any thoughts? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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