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The Pretty Plus is a thoughtfully designed pen-style vaporizer for dry herbs

The Atman Pretty Plus vaporizer pen does have some drawbacks, but overall it’s a generally decent vape pen.

Atman Pretty Plus
Image: YouTube

It’s a winner for three main reasons: its ease of use, its rapid heating time, and its easy cleaning maintenance. There are two drawbacks of note: you start to wish the battery would last longer per charge, and the mouthpiece is too easily loosened with use, making it a trick to keep it in place.

Click the power button five times in rapid succession to turn the pen on. Then click and hold the button until the LED light goes red. A heat-sensitive skin on the body of the device will begin changing color in contact with the rising temperature. This is the indication that the pen is heating up to its single preset temperature of 400 degrees fahrenheit. Due to safety mechanisms, the heating element will only engage for 60 seconds at a time and must be re-activated with another long button press. The light will turn green when the vaporizer reaches its operating temperature.

Atman Pretty Plus

Image: YouTube

Intuitively unscrewing in half, the Atman Pretty Plus is easily cleaned when the time comes for it. It even comes with a perfectly sized brush for cleaning out the specific shape of the vaporizer body. There’s so little effort required to keep this thing tidy inside.

While it didn’t register as a concern in the beginning, battery performance seemed to taper off quickly with use. Additionally, whatever seal it is that keeps the mouthpiece at the device’s top too easily becomes loose.

Retailing for just $54.95, these negative considerations are potentially outweighed by its low price tag. For anyone seeking a no-nonsense vaporizer that works well without breaking the bank, the Pretty Plus is an excellent choice.

Ease of Use
Battery Life
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The Good
Ease of use
Rapid heating time
Easy to clean
The Bad
Battery life could be better
The mouthpiece is flimsy
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