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Prism Money: The free bill pay service app you should start using

Looking for the best bill pay service solution out there? Prism Money is your best option, and it’s free.

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Bills: love them or hate them, at the end of the day they have to get paid, and Prism Money is looking to make the whole experience a bit easier for consumers.

Prism Money is a free bill pay service app that allows you to manage your bills and personal finances, and it’s available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

“Prism puts all of your bills in one app that lets you review, manage and pay your bills for free – anytime, anywhere.”

Paying Bills Should Be Simple

Remember the time when the only way to pay bills was by sending out a check? Sure that sounds easy enough, but you also have to balance a checkbook, and boy do we know how fun that can be.

For the people who are like me and horrible at math, overdraft fees are inevitable. Apparently, I’m not the only one. Americans spend more than $22 billion a year on credit card penalties and more than $32 billion a year on overdraft fees. On top of that, 76% of the country lives paycheck to paycheck. Clearly, we suck at managing money.

What if you had a personal bill assistant that kept on top of all your bills, all the time? Well, that’s where Prism comes in. “Prism believes that most of those fees are accidental or could be dramatically reduced if people had a better handle on what fees they were facing and at what time,” states a recent press release.

Prism CEO Tyler Griffin further adds:

“Our mission is to help people get on top of their finances in a way that is right for them and their individual needs. For some, that means bringing all of their billing information into one place. For others, it means giving them the breathing room to think through their finances and helping them to make decisions that further their long-term goals.”

Prism Money App

Setting up Prism on your smartphone is pretty easy, too. All you have to do is add services like utilities, rent, insurance, cellphone – pretty much anything that bills you. From there you just enter in a payment method, like a credit card/debit card or bank account.

Prism Money App

Prism also calculates how much income is taken up by any bills just paid. Customers can track paydays to better synchronize with bill payment due dates and see how paying individual bills late or early will affect their income and budget before they actually start paying bills.

They integrate directly with your biller so the money never leaves your bank account. It goes straight from your account to the bill you’re paying, which is very important these days with hackers and identity theft.

This is an established company with 14,000 billers already on file, and integration with 1,300 of the nation’s largest providers.

Bottom Line

Would I recommend it? Sure, why not? It’s free, and who knows, you may even pay a bill or two on time. What do you have to lose?

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