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We prop our electronic devices up on 1byOne’s multi-angle portable stand

Looking for a new stand to prop your tablet on? We got a chance to review 1byOne’s multi-angle stand. Check out our full review here.

If you are anything like me, you probably spend a majority of your day sitting at a desk while trying to make the most out of  the entertainment your phone can provide. However, what happens when you want to watch a movie or simply have your tablet in a ready position? Well, I try to prop my devices up against a phone or monitor usually having them fall down several times. We decided try out 1byOne’s 1byOne Multi-angle Portable Stand and see if this would help my predicament.


Short answer, yes.

Long answer? I’ve used a few different types of stands in my attempt to find a permanent solution to keeping my devices up and looking nice. This stand, unlike many of the cheaper ones I have used, is made up of aluminum. This gives it a lot of additional weight and a certain sturdiness that you won’t find in a cheap plastic stand. On top of that there is a soft rubber pad on the bottom that stops the stand from moving at all. This is a very nice touch overall. The stand also swivels at the bottom, this means that you don’t have to keep sliding it around if you change viewing angles.


If there was anything to nitpick about on this, it would simply be that moving the arm that actually hold your devices actually takes a bit of effort. I don’t want my devices falling off the back of this, so I am OK with this but I was initially worried I was going to break it when I was trying to force it into a position that works the best for me. It loosens up after working it a bit but it’s actually hard to even think of this as a realistic bad thing.

If you are looking for a permanent solution for something to hold your devices when you are at your desk, take a look at 1byOne’s Multi-angle Portable Stand, it doesn’t disappoint. 

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The Good
It's metal and sturdy as all hell
The Bad
The folding arm is a little stiff
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