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Want to fool around with your friends? QUICKIE might be for you

Quickie is an exciting new way to connect with your closest friends.

Several weeks ago, I had an incredibly awkward moment that could best be described as “sitcom fodder.” I was invited by a gorgeous woman to participate in a “Quickie”. Being a reserved, yet undeniably red-blooded heterosexual male, I heartily agreed. Unfortunately, what I could never have guessed was that the girl doing the asking was in fact referring to a new messenger program in the iTunes and Google Play store. The planets aligned, our eyes locked, she pulled out her iPhone…and I pulled down my pants. Cue laugh track.

I have since done my research on this app and have begun to understand why she asked me to join her on the app in the first place. QUICKIE takes many features from traditional social media and messaging apps of the past and combines them with a sandbox-gaming approach to create a messenger app that is as all-encompassing a communication tool I have ever seen.

Optimized for the iPhone 5 and 6, and available on the iPad and iPod Touch, the app features multiple communication methods including direct-type manual input, touch-screen pen and brush stroking mechanics and media upload. This means you can use it to text, write, draw and display images, something like the old MSN Messenger so many of my generation remember so fondly. The app was originally designed for use with hand-less wearables such as smartwatches. It’s founder, Erez Pilosof, argues that the plan is to grow the app slowly but surely by forcing users to invite small numbers of their close friends and family.

However, there are some major differences:

  • Script on QUICKIE is sent nearly instantaneously, meaning no one can peep on your work
  • This also means that you do not have much time to think while using your device
  • QUICKIE only allows 8 contacts to be added
  • Rather than sending complete video messages, QUICKIE separates this task into both audio recordings and media transport
  • Messages are saved for 24 hours and then deleted, meaning there are no “call logs”

There are downsides to these supposed “perks”. If you open a message from a friend and fail to read it in time, it will likely be lost and your conversational partner would have to repeat their message or explain it in  a shorter manner. There also seems to be a move towards monetizing it – granted this has not come to fruition yet in any major sense (you can pay a small amount of money for a larger number of contacts), but for the most part the program is effectively a doodle-pad with sharing options for my close friends and family. It is hard to say where I could be that it would be more productive than using text, call or social media to achieve a task.

In the end, QUICKIE provides too little by attempting to be too much, and users will likely use it as a form of entertainment rather than for legitimate and serious conversation. There is nothing wrong with this, but most people require a practical benefit for themselves when using an app and it is difficult for me to determine where this might come from in regards to the newly-released program. User response has been extremely divided and only the future will tell whether this app will become trend-worthy. Until then, keep in mind that this exists, and that you should think twice before dropping your pants if someone offers you a QUICKIE.

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When he is not trolling the web, Robert Cairns works as the Director of Marketing at Caseo Digital Marketing Services, a Canadian company specializing in SEO, digital marketing and PPC campaigns. His goal is world domination, but in the meantime he contents himself with providing tips and information on the latest search engine trends hitting the net.

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