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Robert Cairns

When he is not trolling the web, Robert Cairns works as the Director of Marketing at Caseo Digital Marketing Services, a Canadian company specializing in SEO, digital marketing and PPC campaigns. His goal is world domination, but in the meantime he contents himself with providing tips and information on the latest search engine trends hitting the net.

Stories By Robert Cairns

  • Bend Test Bend Test

    Why smartphones need upgrades, not bend tests

    If you're buying a phone purely based on a bend test, you're doing it wrong.

  • Amazon Dash Button Amazon Dash Button

    Encourage your inner couch potato with Amazon Dash Buttons

    The days of heading over to the store when house supplies are running low are over thanks to the Amazon Dash...

  • Amazon Home Services Amazon Home Services

    Amazon Home Services provides you with any service you can think of

    Looks like Amazon is looking to cut out Angieslist with the launch of their new Amazon Home Services.

  • LeadGenius LeadGenius

    See why businesses are outsourcing their lead generation to LeadGenius

    LeadGenius is using technology to simplify costly businesses processes while providing jobs to hard-working individuals deserving of opportunities.

  • Gmail Gmail

    Google will soon let you pay your bills through Gmail this year

    Soon, Google will be your online banking service of choice

  • Facebook Facebook

    You’ll soon be able to read popular news sites without leaving Facebook

    News feed: what the New York Times, National Geographic and Facebook have in common

  • Google Glass Addict Google Glass Addict

    Expect to see more “Glassholes” – Google Glass program back in the works

    Google announces plans to revamp Google Glass program

  • Windows 10 Windows 10

    Microsoft does the unthinkable by offering free upgrades to Windows 10

    In a surprising move, Microsoft will let pirates update to Windows 10.

  • Motion Tennis Android Chromecast Motion Tennis Android Chromecast

    Google transforms your mobile devices into tennis racquets thanks to Chromecast

    Read this to learn how to turn your Android device into a tennis racquet using Chromecast.

  • Sony Playstation Vue Sony Playstation Vue

    Sony announces new “over-the-top” live-stream TV service

    Looks like Sony threw their hat into the live TV streaming race.

  • google logo google logo

    According to Google, press releases are “real news”

    From now on, the "truth" is whatever Google says it is

  • Verizon Verizon

    Verizon is launching a new video service this summer

    In an effort to keep up with the other media giants, Verizon is launching their own video service this summer.

  • HBO Go HBO Go

    New HBO and Apple deal brings you the shows you want without any extras

    Here's how HBO and Apple and fueling the future of TV

  • YouTube Google YouTube Google

    Google is going in new direction with YouTube

    YouTube is failing miserably, Google is falling apart. Who is going to fill the void?

  • Want to fool around with your friends? QUICKIE might be for you

    Quickie is an exciting new way to connect with your closest friends.

  • Facebook Like Facebook Like

    This is why your Facebook page is losing all its coveted likes

    Wondering why you're loosing all those Facebook page likes? Find out below.

  • Mix cocktails with Google’s new search feature

    Go home, Google. You're drunk.

  • Google’s new fact-checking algorithm will make and break fortunes

    From now on, Google will make sure you get your facts straight

  • Google+ Google+

    Google+ is about to be dismantled, relabelled and repackaged

    With Google falling apart at the seams, we look at whether the release of their new social media platform save the...

  • Google’s struggling social media platform Google+ may be splitting up 

    Google+ may finally be down for the count. Read our complete breakdown here.

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