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Mix cocktails with Google’s new search feature

Go home, Google. You’re drunk.

In a move that is guaranteed to win brownie points with high-class drink aficionados and freshmen everywhere, Google has created a drink-mixing feature which shows you how to make your favorite mixed beverages and cocktails in one easy-to-use search feature. The search engine giant, which has swung and missed on a lot of its recent projects (see Google+ and retaining former partners) has really hit one out of the park with this simple yet universally-desired feature.

Effectively, this search option allows you to mix your favorite drink without having to deal with that cocky bartender or the loud noise and exorbitant prices we have all
comes to associate with nights out. It also stands as an important social relationship-building tool as you can look cultured and suave while you build your own drink masterpieces. If that doesn’t work, you can always get your guests intoxicated and laugh it off.

Google RecipesThe Google cocktails feature is in line with other recent developments coming out of the company which put the priority on factual information. By creating a database of “irrefutable facts”, Google is quickly becoming the source for all knowledge through its search algorithms. There are conversations beginning about how Google intends to use its new-found authoritative position, but I feel that it might just be trying to get us all drunk in order to finalize its grip on world domination. Call me paranoid if you want.

The feature, which provides users with the ingredients and mixing instructions for their favorite beverages, is sure to become one of Google’s most-used features overnight. It is also sure to create some pressure on bartenders to come up with new drinks, as the chemical magic behind the Tequila Sunrise will no longer confound alcohol newbies.

On a personal note, I decided to put this new feature to the test as I appreciate a well-mixed drink as much as the next person. Unlike so many experiences with Google in my work life, it actually went fantastically well. This might be the alcohol talking, but I am certain that I will be coming back to use this feature in the future. In the meantime, I think I will invite some friends over and get some extra ingredients. I sense a wild night in the making.

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When he is not trolling the web, Robert Cairns works as the Director of Marketing at Caseo Digital Marketing Services, a Canadian company specializing in SEO, digital marketing and PPC campaigns. His goal is world domination, but in the meantime he contents himself with providing tips and information on the latest search engine trends hitting the net.

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