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Real estate marketing on TikTok

TikTok videos can be used to show properties to potential clients and more.

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Anyone in the business uses real estate marketing to generate leads by initiating the interest of consumers.

The offers could be as different as selling properties, apartments for rent, and even leasing services.

A house is a product like any other, and it can be sold in the market. TikTok is a platform that can help real estate marketing in a highly competitive space.

TikTok has over 14 million active users in the US, and the target demographic of real estate is mainly on TikTok.

Below are tips on how TikTok can be used for efficient marketing within the real estate industry.

Use behind-the-scenes content

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Many things make up a real estate business that a client may not know. However, details about real estate work can be shown to clients.

A video can contain the daily routine of a real estate agent or a funny take on paperwork. Celebration of a sale and an open house session can also make exciting content.

Narrating stories about how a real estate business got started or talking about the favorite part of the business would also engage customers.

Follow trends

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There are always viral trends that a real estate business can make it’s own. Although content should be mainly original, there is no harm in following a trend as that would increase the exposure of the business.

When a topic is trending, people find it interesting to watch content on it. So if users of TikTok have liked the content that follows a particular trend, the algorithm will throw similar content their way. 

Sharing useful tips

To showcase one’s expertise as a real estate agent, creating a video that discusses tips is helpful. The tips could be on improving homes before making a sale or educating customers on the home-buying process.

It could also give different types of helpful information that would empower customers.

Doing so will make customers think that a real estate business is not solely interested in earning commission but genuinely cares for its customers. 

Show properties

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TikTok videos can also be used to show properties to potential clients. Clients can be given tours of properties, and relevant details can be discussed, such as the price and the location.

The properties can be shown in the best possible light, and links can also be displayed, so potential customers know how to get in touch. 

Answer questions

The video content used should be impressive in its quality. In addition, answering common questions for interested clients will turn the video into an evergreen resource.

Popular hashtags can also be used to make sense of the content. A funny conversation around such questions can also be filmed.

Funny costumes and music can also be used for a creative video that would appeal to the audience. For example, one 15-second video can work wonders to highlight the expertise of a real estate business. 

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