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Review: Archeer Bamboo Bluetooth speaker – One of the best Bluetooth speakers out there

This speaker is an absolute steal for just $70.

Archeer bluetooth speaker
Image: Amazon

It’s really tough finding a Bluetooth speaker these days that combine amazing sound along with a great design. Well, it’s not hard if you have the money to throw around. But for most folks, finding something that incorporates both of these features at an affordable price can prove to be difficult.

Go ahead and try clicking this link. Seriously, click it. You’ll see there’s a bunch of affordable speakers, but for the most part, they’re pretty hideous with a few exceptions. Don’t get me wrong, they’re probably great speakers that offer great sound, but to be fair, a lot of them wouldn’t be caught dead in my house. Seriously, some of them are straight-up repulsive. Click the link above if you haven’t already.

Now, divert your attention to this speaker from Archeer. Notice anything different? It’s a beautiful looking speaker, and guess what, it sounds amazing too. Well, you can’t actually hear it from the pictures, but I give you my word, it sounds insanely good. Let’s dive in a little further.

Archeer bamboo bluetooth speaker

Alright, what makes this speaker so unique? For starters, it’s made from real bamboo. The pictures don’t do it justice but take my word for it; this is one of the sexiest Bluetooth speakers I’ve seen out there, and trust me, I’ve seen and reviewed a lot of them. The speaker doesn’t feel cheap either. It has some weight to it, but keep in mind, the weight of a speaker doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good or not. In this case, it just feels like the materials used on the speaker were from high-quality wood and bamboo.

When it comes to the sound, no other speaker in its price range can compete with it. Period. My favorite part of this speaker is the subwoofer. Finding a Bluetooth speaker at this price with the inclusion of a subwoofer is rare. The speaker features dual 5W Drivers, and the subwoofer rocks 15W of adorable power. I’m not an audiophile so unfortunately, I can’t tell how you how it does in certain frequencies and what not, but I can say this speaker rocks. I listen to a lot of metal music and quite honestly, a lot of Bluetooth speakers can’t handle it well because as you may or may not know, metal music incorporates a lot of double bass drumming and unforgiving bass lines.

Bluetooth speaker

I listen to a lot of metal music and quite honestly, a lot of Bluetooth speakers can’t handle the genre well because as you may or may not know, metal music incorporates a lot of double bass drumming and unforgiving bass lines. So usually, with lower end Bluetooth speakers, the sound comes out meh. With this speaker, God damn, I was blown away. The subwoofer pushes out bass like it’s no one’s business. Seriously, I can’t stress this enough, the sound from this speaker absolutely kills it.

The speaker is currently set up beside my Amazon Echo Dot, so it’s continuously plugged in. I had it unplugged once for testing purposes and found that it gave me a couple of days of battery life. The speaker has a built-in 5200mAh battery and can easily be recharged with an included USB cable. Again, since this is hooked up to my Echo Dot, the range isn’t an issue for me. Archeer, however, claims its Bluetooth range can reach as far as up to 33 feet.

Bamboo bluetooth speaker

My final verdict is this: buy it, especially if you’re in the market for a new Bluetooth speaker. Seriously, for the money, there’s nothing better. Now, if you’re looking for something portable, this speaker might not be a perfect fit. Think of this as more of a home speaker as opposed to an outside one. Trust me, once you see it in person, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Plus, it looks a lot better on a book case than it would be sitting on top of a picnic table.

Currently, the list price on the speaker says it’s usually $199, but I’ve personally seen it at the $70 mark for quite some time. Honestly, even at $200, this speaker would be a bargain. But at just $70, this is an absolute steal.

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The Good
Beautiful design
The sound is just amazing
There's a subwoofer!
Great price
The Bad
It's portable for sure, but it's not something I would want to bring out into the elements.
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