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Review: Atman Owar – one of the easiest to use wax pens on the market

When it comes to wax pens there’s too many to choose from. Luckily, Atman got it right with the Atman Owar.

Atman owar
Image: Vapor Review Blog

Whoever said smoking weed had to feel like a science fair project?

These days, it seems like there’s an abundant amount of smoking devices. Whether it’s an herbal vaporizer, glass joints, or dabbing rigs – there’s plenty of options for getting that sweet THC into your system. Preferably, I’m a sucker for herbal vapes, but when I get tired and need a break from them, my next go-to device is wax pens, like this one I’ve been testing from Atman.

The Atman Owar is a pen-styled wax vaporizer that utilizes a triple quarts coil and ceramic plate. What does this all mean? Put simply, it helps with the taste and how the materials inside the coils are heated.  More coils equal better quality of vapor.

To get started with the Atman Owar, click the power button five times and load your goodies into the heating chamber. Press and hold the power button to initiate the coils and from there, start sucking in that sweet nectar. What’s really cool about Atman’s Owar is that it features three different wattages: low, medium, and high. This helps with the intensity of the vape your inhaling. If you’re someone who prefers thick and heavy clouds, the high wattage setting is your best bet. Personally, I prefer the low wattage.

Atman owar

Overall, this wax pen is really simple to use. Load the atomizer with your wax or concentrates, screw the threaded cap and you’re good to go. Just be sure to not to overload the chamber because it will leak out, which I found to happen a few times. Once you find your happy medium, you should be good to go.

The battery life on this sucker is really good too. The device features an 1100mAh battery, which should give you a few days of power. To charge it, use any micro USB cable. Typical charge time takes about 2 hours. 

Final verdict: The Atman Owar is a reliable wax pen. I really like it. Other than a few missteps like over packing the atomizer, this wax pen did its job and then some. The device is insanely simple to use and even easier to clean. There’s even a cool hidden compartment that you can store wax for future use, which is really good if you plan on taking this on the go.

The Atman Owar retails at $79.99 and is backed by a 1-year warranty. To learn more, click here.

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The Good
Insanely simple to use
There's a really cool hidden compartment to store wax on the go
The Bad
If you over fill the heating chamber, prepare to clean up a mess.
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