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Review: The Cloud V Phantom Premium Portable Vaporizer

The Cloud V Phantom portable vaporizer brings it back to the basics with its simple and durable design – not to mention its amazing performance.

Cloud V
Image: Daniel Cid

In 2014, Cloud V introduced the Phantom herbal vaporizer and it was quickly praised because of its sturdy design. That and the fact it didn’t actually burn your herbs like other portable pen vaporizers on the market.

Even though it was a great starting point, it did have a few drawbacks. For example, it only had one heat temperature setting and it came with two batteries that you had to remove to charge. But luckily for us, Cloud V heard the feedback and has now introduced a premium version of the Phantom.

The results? It’s certainly a step up and has some great features over its predecessor.

Cloud V Phantom Kit includes:

  • 1 Cloud Phantom Premium
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Packing Tool
  • 1 Pair Tweezers
  • 1 Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Owner’s Manual

First Impressions

Cloud V Phantom Vaporizer

I was really impressed with the quality and build of the Phantom Premium. It feels rugged, durable, and it has some weight to it too. It resembles something like a small Maglite with a micro usb charger port on the bottom. Because of this, it can easily fit in your pocket for on-the-go vaping adventures.

The Phantom Premium we received came in red, but it’s also available in various other colors. Throughout the whole device you’ll only find a single button to control its functions – keeping it simple.


Cloud V Phantom

The Phantom Premium is just around 6 inches tall and about an inch in diameter. It comes with a plastic mouthpiece that snaps off to load your dry herbs. It also has a locking mechanism to keep it from popping off while it’s in your pocket.

With its single button function design you can say it’s very simple and user-friendly. Press it three times to activate the Phantom and it begins to heat up at the lowest heating temperature setting of 374°F (green light). Hold it down to switch to the middle setting at 410°F (blue light), and again for the high setting of 436°F (red light).

As far the settings go, I found that the low and medium settings work best. The high setting seems a bit too hot for vaping unless you use the Cloud V Aqua bubbler that cools down the vapor with a water filtration system. It’s definitely an accessory to consider purchasing also.


Cloud V Phantom Performance

The Phantom is great for dry herbs. It produces a good tasting vapor on the low and medium settings. The high setting seems to be a bit hot and can irritate your throat.

For the best performance, The Phantom has a deep metallic heating chamber that holds about .04 grams of material. Loading it up with that amount should give it a consistent and even cook.

As far as battery life, the Phantom comes with a rechargeable battery that initially has to be charged for 6 hours. Once fully charged it will give you a good 45 minutes of constant use. Overall, the Phantom Premium performs great for a pen style vaporizer.

Final Verdict

Cloud V Phantom Results

With all the new improvements the Premium has to offer, Cloud V really has a contender in this already crowded market of vaporizers. It’s a quality-built vaporizer that will produce good vapor on the go or at home in just 60 seconds. If you want to take it to the next level, then you should consider picking up the Cloud V Aqua bubbler attachment for an even smoother and cooler vapor.

The only drawbacks with the Phantom Premium is that the company only provides a one year warranty,  and it can only be used with dry herbs. If you are considering getting a vaporizer for the first time and don’t want to break the bank this is a great deal. [letsreview postid=”45283″]

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