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Review – Inateck’s $10 headphones are worth every penny

These $10 Inateck headphones are a great pair for a great price.

Amazon inateck headphones

Inateck’s newest headphones, the BH1105 model, features a sleek and appealing design. The headphones are one of the few ear buds on the market made with natural wood, which helps give off the striking design.

They aren’t just nice looking ear buds, as the sound quality matches the look perfectly and the price is a component a customer cannot beat. At $10 a piece, there are certainly far worse cheap headphones on the market. The BH1105 are worth buying even with some small problems involving the silicon tips.

Exceptional sound quality and design


The BH1105 comes in a small box which, on the inside, displays the technical specs of the headphones. Despite being ear buds, the box claims the BH1105 can reach up to 109 decibels and has a good amount of power behind it.

The headphones, whether they are plugged into a computer or smartphone, are great for casual sessions listening to music or for a simple cardio workout. They are not too loud and are amplified, so the user won’t hear any cracks or fuzz when the sound is turned all the way up.

There is some power behind the ear buds that cannot be matched for the price.

For $10, Inateck is able to pack a good amount of bass behind it. Hip-hop songs, for example, sound fantastic through these headphones. That does not mean other genres and even talk shows do not sound just as great though. There is some power behind the ear buds that cannot be matched for the price.

If the great sound quality is not enough to sell someone on the BH1105, the unique design of the headphones will win a potential buyer. The jet black wires perfectly compliment the polished light brown wood attached at the ear pieces. These are some cool looking ear buds, and even have a more unique look to them when compared to the generic ear buds on the market.

Strangely uncomfortable ear bud tips


Sound quality and creative designs aside, the B1105 has a minor issue. The larger silicon tips do have a tendency to feel a little strange inside the ear. They always feel like they are about to fall out. The silicon tips also create the feeling they are blocking the sound.

Thankfully, Inateck packs each pair of ear buds with other tips of different sizes.

Final Verdict – For $10 you can do a lot worse

Visiting Inateck’s website and browsing through their headphone selection, a customer can see the BH1105 ear buds and a link to the Amazon page to purchase them. If someone is looking for a good pair of headphones and does not want to break the bank, Inateck’s BH1105 is some of the best on the market right now, in terms of value ear buds. Simple problems aside, the sound quality is absolutely worth the cheap price. 

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The Good
Excellent sound quality
The price makes it an absolute must buy
Unique, creative and appealing look
Sound quality works with all kinds of music genres and formats
The Bad
Silicon tips can be uncomfortable

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