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Review: Mixcder computer speakers – These itty bitty speakers are packed with value

If you’re looking for a low-cost audio solution for your PC or laptop, these $30 computer speakers are a sure bet.

Mixcder Computer Speakers
Image: Amazon

Why would anyone these days spend money on computer speakers when there’s plenty of Bluetooth options available, or better yet, something as simple as headphones?

Well, for some, being constricted to headphones might not be the most comfortable solution, and Bluetooth speakers aren’t the most affordable devices out there, so I can see how some people opt for computer speakers.

Today I’m reviewing a pair of $30 speakers from Mixcder purely intended to live at home with your PC or laptop (these are totally mobile too). Should I be expected to fall in love or drool over its sound quality with that sort of price tag? Probably not, but after spending some time with them, I would happily pay that price instead of the more expensive ones out there.

Let’s check it out.


mixcder computer speakers

Right out of the box, these speakers really stood out at me. Its design is pretty slick. Rocking a gray metallic paint exterior encased by a brushed black grill, these little suckers don’t look that bad. Trust me, I’ve seen worse when it comes to these sort of things.


Setup is essentially effortless thanks to its plug-and-play solution. All you’ll need is a USB input and a headphone jack and you’re good to go. Once those are plugged in, that’s all there is to it. There’s no power button to turn on so you’ll just need to make sure your volume is turned up. That’s it!


Mixcder speaker

When it comes to the speakers sound, remember, these aren’t the most expensive things in the world, so take it with a grain of salt. But surprisingly, the sound isn’t all that bad. I’ve heard portable Bluetooth speakers not even come close to what these speakers sound like.

Seeing there’s two speakers to this setup, it’s clear why they sound good. Not to mention the little subwoofers encased in the speakers. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t beat thumping bass with them, but they provide enough so it doesn’t sound like you’re listening music out of tin cans. Mixcder offers some great audio solutions, I’ve reviewed a bunch in the past, and these don’t disappoint a loyal diehard.

Final Verdict


Point blank, these speakers rule for the price. They’re insanely simple to set up, provide amazing sound for the price, and won’t look like an eye soar when you walk into the room. If I had dish out the money for these right now, I totally would.

Sure, there’s probably a bunch of other better ones on the market, but seeing that these are only $30, I’ll let the suckers pay for the expensive ones. Don’t take my word for it, there’s a reason why these speakers have a giant amount stellar reviews on Amazon. Check them out to learn more. 

Reader Rating1 Vote
The Good
Plug and play so it's insanely simple to set up
Subwoofers offers healthy balance of lows given the speakers size
Surprisingly great sound
The Bad
A lot smaller than what you would normally expect
Volume is limited due to the small size of speakers
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