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Review: Ooze Splasher Pen Kit – One little feature makes this the best vape pen

The Ooze Splasher Pen kit made me a believer in concrete pens again.

Ooze splasher pen kit
Image: Kevin Raposo

Lately, I haven’t had the best of luck of with concentrate pens. Don’t get me wrong, they work great for the first couple of weeks, but after that, a lot of them shit the bed. When they do work, they’re so caked with leftover residue from all your previous sessions, it makes the whole experience unpleasant.

Thankfully, my whole view on concentrate pens has been turned around thanks to the Ooze Splasher pen kit. Now, it’s not something that warrants the second coming of Christ or anything, but it’s a simple product that adds an extra layer of protection from all the sticky stuff. One simple design tweak had me falling in love with it and I hope more pen manufacturers follow suit.

When it comes to the Ooze Splasher Pen’s design, it’s as basic as you would find in any other vape pen, but, it does have some unique qualities that I haven’t seen out there.

Ooze splasher pen kit

Image: Kevin Raposo

For example, the pen is disguised as, well, a normal-looking pen. Twist the cover off and you’ll unearth the actual device. The other thing you’ll immediately notice is that the heating coils are surrounded by – what the company calls – a visual reaction chamber. This is basically a glass cylinder that goes around the heating coil, which in the end, prevents your sweet ooze from leaking out. Plus, you get to see if any vapor is being produced. It’s a nice touch.

Here’s some of the key features to save me some time:

  • Discreet pen cap
  • 3 Dual Quartz Glass coils
  • 650 mAh battery
  • Titanium coils
  • Visual reaction chamber
  • Glass tip
  • Dark chamber
  • 20 sec auto shut-off
  • Optimal airflow

To start using it, you’ll have to remove the cap and unscrew the visual reaction chamber from the coil. From here, load your materials and screw back the visual reaction chamber onto the coil. The last step is holding down that power button to start the oven. All of this is all pretty much self-explanatory. If you worked any other vape pen, then you’ll have no problems with this one.

Ooze splasher pen kit

Image: Kevin Raposo

The Ooze Splasher Pen Kit comes with a 650 mAh, 510 thread pen battery that has 20 seconds of hold time. In my experience with this pen, the battery life is really good, considering the small battery. I was able to use it for almost a full week before having to charge it. That’s pretty impressive.  There’s even a cool feature in the pen; it has a motion-sensing system that detects the battery level and indicates when it is fully charged, 50% charged, or needs to be charged.

To get a better sense of what people think of the Ooze Splasher Pen, I went and did some digging on customer reviews. I’m not surprised, there were a lot positive customer reviews. According to one customer, “the Splasher Pen Kit is very easy to clean, and it offers a perfect airflow too. It is very portable, and I can carry it with me anywhere.” I totally agree with that statement.

My final verdict for the Ooze Splasher Pen kit is this: Buy it. The kit is only $50, which is a steal in my opinion. If you’re tired of your concentrates oozing out of your pen, the Ooze Splasher Pen is exactly what you’re looking. It’s insanely portable, simple to use, and by far one of the best pens I’ve had the privilege of testing.

Vapor Quality
Reader Rating1 Vote
The Good
Insanely simple to use
The cap makes it really discreet
Great vape quality
The visual reaction chamber is by far one of my favorite features
The glass mouthpiece is a nice touch
The Bad
Proprietary charger
Battery is small but it does give you some decent battery life
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