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Review: Puffco Pro Concentrate Pen Vaporizer

It’s not too often when a vaporizer comes and blows my mind, but the Puffco Pro did it.

Puffco Pro
Image: Daniel Cid

Every so often a product breaks the mold and steps above the rest. When innovation meets sexy, the Puffco Pro vaporizer was born. With its luscious curves and metallic body, it’s definitely a head turner. There is a reason High Times Magazine named it the best concentrate pen vaporizer of the year. We got a chance to test drive it and we were really impressed.

In the box

  • Drip tip
  • Drip cap
  • Coil
  • Battery
  • USB Charger

Puffco Pro Box

First Impressions

People say you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Well  if that’s the case then the Puffco Pro vaporizer did just that. Right out of the box, Puffco Pro is elegant and appealing. Let’s just say that If the most interesting man alive decided to start vaping, there’s no doubt that he would have chosen the Puffco Pro Vaporizer.


The Puffco Pro comes in a mirror like gunmetal finish that looks sophisticated, and with its one button design, it’s got simplicity written all over it. The Puffco Pro comes with a huge custom ceramic chamber and a titanium coil that is very impressively designed. You can fit as much as .04 of your favorite concentrates. That’s huge!

Puffco Pro performance

With a 650mah rechargeable battery, you can draw for days and when it’s time to charge it, the Puffco Pro charges in under 3 hours. The Puffco Pro also uses the standard 510 threading which makes its parts interchangeable, down to the USB pen style charger.


As for as performance goes the Puffco Pro vaporizer does not disappoint. To turn this sexy beast on you simply press 5 times on the cloud shaped button to unlock it and 4 times to toggle through the 3 heat settings (green=low, blue=medium, red=high). 

Puffco Pro Design

Once you’ve chosen your desired setting, press and hold to draw, it’s that simple. And as far as vapor quality goes, the Puffco Pro produces extremely delicious quality tasting vapor from start to finish. Because of the larger heating chamber, I found that the Puffco Pro works best with larger amount of concentrates.

Final Verdict

Puffco Pro Verdict

The Puffco Pro definitely lives up to the hype and at around $80 it’s worth every penny and more. It out performs most pen style vaporizers in its class and it does it in style. If you are looking to add a quality engineered concentrates pen vaporizer to your arsenal, the Puffco Pro is a must. If I had to think of a drawback, I’d say it’s trying to keep it on the shelves. But if you are able to get your hands on one, you won’t be disappointed.

Editors note: The Puffco Pro is currently out of stock, according to Puffco’s website. Also, pricing information is unavailable at this time. We’ve reached out for comment and we’ll update the post if we hear something back. 

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Daniel Cid is a multi-talented Graphic Designer, video creator, and editorial assistant. When he's not immersed in design projects, he enjoys hiking and Xbox gaming. Daniel is a Graphic Designer with a B.A.

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