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Review: Zeus Iceborn – This accessory transforms hot harsh vapor into smooth ice-cold vapor

The ZEUS Iceborn is a revolutionary new accessory item that works with almost every vaporizer to dramatically cool down and improve your vapor through ice filtration.


Every day companies are pushing the limit to try and revolutionize the vaporizer market with new innovative technologies. For the competition it’s getting harder and harder to produce that next big hit product. With the introduction of the Zeus IcebornToronto Vaporizers may have done just that. We got our hands on one and I have have to say it’s a game changer. It literally transforms hot harsh vapor into smooth ice-cold vapor.

If you would like to know how it magically does this, you might want to continue reading. 

Package Contents

  • ZEUS Iceborn™
  • Aluminum Tube S
  • Aluminum Tube M
  • Aluminum Tube L
  • Aluminum Tube XL
  • Bottom Tube Washer
  • Top Tube Washer
  • Lid Washer
  • Short Whip S
  • Short Whip M
  • Long Whip
  • Mouthpiece

First Impressions

image2 2

Out of the box the Zeus Iceborn looks mystical and straight out of this world. Considering I’ve never heard of the concept of cooling down your vapor using ice, I really was excited to get it going. The idea of getting cold smooth hits of vapor every time, really gave me the chills; no pun indented.


Zeus Iceborn

The Zeus Iceborn comes in an all black matte finish and built out of quality plastic. It has a hollow cylinder shape with sharp rugged edges making it look more like some kind of futuristic alien gadget. There are two openings on the top of the Zeus Iceborn that are used to attach the whips. One whip goes to your vaporizer and the other to the mouthpiece. Also, the top acts as a cap and you must first fill it with water and wait until the water freezes to first use it. It takes a few hours depending on your refrigerator. I really couldn’t wait so I jacked up the freezer to the Max to give it a head start.


Zeus Iceberg

After a few hours waiting for it to freeze, I was anxious to try it out. As I removed it from the freezer, I felt like I was removing some kind alien artifact while it spurred cold vapor from it.

The First thing you want to do is attach the two whips. One goes to your preferred vaporizer and the other to the mouthpiece. I used it with the Zeus Smite vaporizer because it just felt right to. But because it uses a whip style attachment it will literally work with most vaporizers out there.

Depending on your preferred vaporizer setting, just wait until your vape is ready then just pull using the mouthpiece. The vapor then travels through the frozen filtration system in the Zeus Iceborn to produce the coolest and smoothest vapor you can ever imagine.

Final Verdict

There have been many advances in vaporizer technology throughout the years but not many have solved the hot harsh vapor that most vaporizers produce. There are other methods like water filtration to help cool the vapor but nothing comes even close the Zeus Iceborn’s Ice filtration system. If you own one of the 20+ vaporizers it works with, then this is a must have accessory for your arsenal. [letsreview postid=”45307″]

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