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Somehow, Newegg has this RX 580 8GB graphics card listed at just $290

That’s good news for anyone who is building a PC right now.

8GB Asus Radeon RX580
Image: Asus

Okay, so the mining craze might end up not being a craze, but at least graphics card prices are finally coming back down.

Today only, you can get an 8GB Asus Radeon RX580 for $290 after rebate from Newegg. This is the first time for what seems like forever that the 8GB version of the card has touched below $300. The same card is also available on Amazon for the same price, after rebate.

That’s good news for anyone who is building a PC right now. Slightly less good news, you’ll have to pay the $320 up-front and wait a few months for the $30 rebate card, but it’s still a very affordable price. Before today, the cheapest this particular model of Asus GPU on Amazon was $360.

Reviews for the Radeon RX 580 called it a “solid mid-range option for excellent 1080p gaming and good 1440p gaming.” It gives you the benefit of FreeSync, so when paired with a compatible monitor you get buttery-smooth framerates. It’s also the recommended entry-level card for VR, in case that takes your fancy.

Amazon only has a limited stock of this card, but they often accept back-orders so you’ll still pay the same price.

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