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Score a Ring Video Doorbell for just $70 right now

Today only.

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Answering the door is the worst. You rarely know who’s going to be there and it very well could be someone you don’t want to see. That’s why you need something like the Ring Video Doorbell.

Right now, Woot is blowing out this 2nd gen Ring Video Doorbell at just $70 a pop. They normally sell for $140. The only kicker here is that you only have today to get it at this price.

With it, you can connect your account to your smartphone, tablet, or PC to get crystal-clear 1080p HD video. In addition to video, you can also hear what is going on outside your door, as well as use it as an intercom system so you can tell those bums outside to leave you alone.

Again, you get this for the killer price of $70. Whether you plan on buying this for yourself or getting this has a housewarming gift – this is a killer deal and it shouldn’t be passed up. Just remember, this price is only good for today.

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